Scott Bauer

Scott’s love for food and his need to be constantly busy took him into his first professional kitchen at the age of 14. After day one in the dish pit, there was no turning back. Scott spent the next 20 years working in everything from the dish room to the corporate office and everything in between.

Most recently he spent the last 7 years as a Chef, General Manager and Regional manager for Snooze An AM Eatery. Scott started with Snooze at their first restaurant and helped the company grow to over 8 locations. Through this experience he has gained extensive knowledge in many facets of the industry, including restaurant openings, menu development, management techniques, service, financial management and restaurant design.

Scott started Butcher’s Bistro to fulfill his true passion and utilize all of the skills he worked so hard to acquire. His devotion to the guest, love for food, and drive to serve are a part of everything he does and his passion for the industry is never ending.


Tyson Holzheimer

Tyson began his career working for a taxidermist in Montana at the age of 14. Skinning, cutting, and rebuilding a variety of game animals helped him develop knife skills and a thorough understanding of anatomy and muscle structure, which he took to the restaurant industry years later in Anchorage, AK. After quickly working his way through all the positions of the line, Tyson spent the next 5 years in commercial bakeries and kitchens doing everything from managing to menu development.

Tyson’s move to Denver led him to Snooze, where he helped the company open 7 new restaurants. Butcher’s Bistro allows Tyson to work with whole animals, a frequently changing seasonal menu, and some of the highest quality ingredients that the country has to offer. Whether butchering, cooking, or interacting with guests at the retail counter, Tyson’s attention to detail and drive to be better every day is evident in all of his work.


Bryce Norblom

Bryce knew he was destined to work in a restaurant beginning at the young age of 17. Working in an upscale seafood restaurant taught him the basics of everything from shucking oysters to simple knife work and his love for the industry began. Bryce took this new found passion with him when he left Denver to attend college in Fort Collins, in pursuit of a Restaurant Hospitality Management degree. In school, he quickly gained recognition from his professors and other students, taking on leadership and management roles in the program’s front and back of house.

Bryce continued working in kitchens while attending school and eventually found himself in a corporate training position with Snooze, traveling the country and training high-volume chefs. Bryce’s vast experience in both the Front and Back of house puts him in various management positions at The Butcher’s Bistro. Depending on the day, Bryce will be butchering, bartending, or working on tomorrow’s menu in the kitchen. One thing that remains constant with Bryce is his drive to succeed and love for food, which is easy to see, regardless of where he is working.


Kristen Bauer

Kristen has been in the accounting industry for 12 years and a practicing CPA in the Denver metro area for the last 7 years. She began as an accountant for a well-established and historical restaurant in the mountains outside of Denver. Recognizing her passion for accounting, she graduated from the University of Colorado and accepted a job as an auditor for the international accounting firm Grant Thornton. She excelled as an auditor, quickly passed the CPA exam, and was promoted to running financial audits for a variety of clients and industries.

In September of 2010, Kristen made the decision to start her own company and provide consulting services for companies in need of quality accounting guidance. Her clients include restaurants, fashion designers, internet services and other various industries. Much of her work consists of assisting clients in the startup phase of their companies and guiding them in their accounting strategies and processes.